Onchain co-creation and monetization

The Sagaverse meta protocol is a testament to our dedication to democratizing the creation, composition, and monetization of onchain rich media content.

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The Tiny experiment is about to start and we invite you to shape the future of collaborative creation and monetization with Tiny Vikings.

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Sagaverse’s protocol seamlessly intertwines blockchains, protocols and onchain assets, empowering all to craft modular, attributable and recomposable interactive media.

Explore our latest experiments and experience the limitless possibilities that await with Sagaverse’s visionary protocol.

Tiny Vikings

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Tiny onchain viking civilization

Collaborative creation and monetization

As part of our ongoing exploration, we're excited to introduce Tiny Vikings, a groundbreaking project that marks our first foray into engaging our community with tech, protocols, and product experiments. Tiny Vikings represents a new chapter in digital interaction, offering a generative, multi-dimensional art collection that leverages the power of Bitcoin. This project showcases our ability to create dynamic, collaborative, and interactive digital experiences that are not only engaging but also offer tangible benefits to our community members.

Tiny onchain viking civilization


Empowering Artists with Creative Expression

Discover the power of the Sagaverse Hypergraph; a evolving data structure revolutionizing asset indexing and manifesting.

Unlock rapid access to multidimensional queries, enabling invaluable insights, analytics, attribution, and fair compensation for creators and contributors.

Serving as a scalable asset management protocol, the Hypergraph facilitates seamless redistribution, repurposing, and re-monetization of content, all while ensuring transparent attribution. As a future-ready solution, it can be expanded to support diverse use-cases and seamlessly integrate with existing and emerging asset standards.

Pioneering the Future of Onchain Media

We continue to push the boundaries of digital creation and monetization, aligning with our vision democratize creation and monetization of onchain media. Our journey has led us to explore innovative intersections of content creation and blockchain technology, culminating in unique projects that embody our commitment to this vision.

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